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Thank you for your support! It means the world to us.

Our campaign is people powered. This means you play a crucial role in spreading the message about our campaign.

Here are some things you can do in just a few minutes that will have immediate impact:

Share on social media

Sharing on social media remains a powerful way to spread the word about the campaign! By clicking these links, you can easily share information and show your support.

When you do, add a personal message about why you're supporting Naheed for the leader of Alberta's NDP. Your personal comment can make a significant impact and inspire others to join the movement!

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Right-click or tap and hold on this image. Save it on your device and then post it on Instagram and other social media sites. image description

Encourage at least 5 friends and family members to signup and get a membership at

While sharing on social media is great, we can up our impact from working together to expand our movement. Your influence on friends and family is significant; a personal message from you can truly make a difference.

Find at least 5 friends or family and:

  • Email them
  • Text them
  • Direct Message them on social media
  • Send them a message on WhatsApp
  • Or, go old school and give them a call

Just remember to do two things when you reach out:

  • Share why you're supporting Naheed (this is crucial!).
  • Encourage them to join the cause by signing up and getting their membership as soon as possible at

Make a donation – any amount helps

Electing Naheed as the leader of the Alberta NDP means we can help stand up to and ultimately defeat Danielle Smith and her government in the next election, protect our vital public services, and ensure life is more affordable.

Your donation will help to cover the entry fees charged by the party, printing costs for promotional materials, and the costs of reaching more Albertans of all walks of life across the province.

Are you ready to fight for a better Alberta for all of us? Please become a founding donor and join our movement today.

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Join Team Nenshi as a volunteer

Team Nenshi is looking for hundreds of Albertans to help us reach as many people as possible by the membership deadline on April 22. Can you join the team and help us build this positive movement? The first step is to join one of several volunteer onboarding events on Zoom.

Sign Up to Volunteer
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Write or record an endorsement of Naheed for

Your voice is way more powerful than you may realize. Sharing your endorsement can help convince others and showcase how large our movement is! In a matter of seconds you can write or record why you are supporting Naheed Nenshi for Alberta.

Endorse Naheed now
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