Together, we can build an even better city for all Calgarians

Naheed Nenshi


Six years ago, you gave me an incredible opportunity: the chance to serve you as your mayor--to come to work every single day to try and make this place even better.

I hope I have fulfilled your trust and confidence in me. I feel like we’ve achieved a lot. We have invested in keeping Calgarians moving, in building our communities to be wonderful places in which to live and work, and in making our city government more efficient to serve our citizens better. The Economist calls Calgary one of the top five most livable cities in the world. And we’ve done this while keeping our property taxes amongst the lowest in Canada.

But the work is not done. We face serious challenges as a community. In this economy, we all know people who are feeling the pain of unemployment and uncertainty. In this world, we are seeing many that seek to divide us rather than bring us together.

That is why I’m running for re-election to be your mayor in October 2017.

We must work hard to build a more resilient and diverse economy that works for everyone. We must work hard to build a more resilient city that ensures all our citizens have the support and opportunity they need to lead great lives. We must work hard to build a more resilient government that can respond to the changing expectations of Calgarians.

If you’ll have me, I want to continue to work with all of you to build that resilient city we all want. I love this city--even more than when I was first elected--and I know that, together, we can deliver on the promise of an even better Calgary for all our citizens.


Naheed K. Nenshi

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